What are Access Events?

Hull Truck Theatre offers a number of accessible performances and events throughout the year. For more information, see details below.

Relaxed Performances
Relaxed performances are specifically designed for those who thrive in a more informal and relaxed setting. They include additional lighting and a friendly attitude to noise and movement inside the theatre (both voluntary and involuntary). Pre-show there will be a resource table in the foyer and the cast will introduce themselves, from the stage, before the show starts. A show experience guide will also be available, detailing any special effects and content. We can also offer some extra space if you need it, just let us know when you book.
Captioned Performances
Theatre captions are similar to television subtitles and convert spoken word in to visible text that provides those who are Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing with access to live performances.

Open captions are displayed on screens at either side of the stage for all audience members to view.

Closed captions can be viewed on your mobile device via a FREE app called The Difference Engine, when available.
British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreted Performances
British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted performances enable Deaf BSL users to understand the performance through the signs of an interpreter, who translates the spoken language into BSL. The position of the BSL interpreter will usually be indicated on the seating plan.

Integrated BSL - performances with integrated BSL interpretation involve the interpreter being part of the action onstage.
Touch Tours
Touch Tours are available 90 mins prior to the audio described show and last approx. 30 mins. Touch Tours allow blind and visually impaired patrons the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the set, costumes and props, ahead of the show. Places must be booked with the Box Office or when prompted during the online booking process.
Audio Description
Audio Described Performances
Audio description provides information about the visual elements of a show. The Box Office provides infra-red headsets, upon request, and audio description is delivered live, in between dialogue.
Baby Friendly Symbol
Baby Friendly Performances
Baby Friendly performances are for customers with babies under 18 months. There will be a relaxed atmosphere and friendly attitude to noise and movement during the show. Facilities include: additional changing tables inside and outside of the performance space, high chairs, bottle warming, buggy park and baby play area.
Descriptive Captions (2)
Film - Descriptive Captions (HOH Subtitles / SDH)
Descriptive captions refer to subtitles intended for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are also known as HOH (Hard of Hearing) subtitles or SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing).

These subtitles are a transcription rather than a just translation; in addition to reproducing dialogue, they aim to describe additional non-dialogue sounds available to a hearing audience, e.g. “(sighs)” or “(door creaks)” and song lyrics. In our experience viewers do not find the subtitles distracting, especially as a lot of our films are subtitled as foreign language films. Please check listings to see if your chosen film will have descriptive captions available.

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