Venue Experience Guide


The Theatre

1. What does the theatre look like?
2. Box Office, Ground and First Floor spaces

Before the Show

3. Where to get food and drink and where to wait before the show.
4. Who you will see at the theatre
5. What to do with your belongings
6. Facilities in the theatre
7. Before the show starts

Stage 1 & Godber Studio

8. Where you will watch the show
9. The stage
10. During the show
11. Interval
12. After the show

Other Useful Information

13. Distances
14. Lighting and sound effects
15. Pre-show visit
16. Relaxed performances
17. Box Office contact details

The Theatre

1. What does the theatre look like?

This is what Hull Truck Theatre looks like from the outside.

2. Box Office, Ground Floor and First Floor

When you enter Hull Truck Theatre you will see the Box Office.

If you do not already have your tickets you will need to collect them from the Box Office when you arrive. There may be a short queue whilst you wait.

The area around the Box Office is the Ground Floor space and this can get quite busy before a show. You may find the upstairs area quieter. Some people find it helpful to bring to the theatre the items that usually assist in coping with busy or noisy environments - for example ear muffs, ear plugs or sunglasses.

Ground Floor Entrance
This is the Ground Floor.
First Floor Foyer
This is the First Floor.

Before the Show

3. Where to get food and drink and where to sit before a show

There are seats on the Ground and First Floor. The First Floor is usually a good place to wait if you are wanting a quieter area before, during or after the show.

To get to the First Floor there is a lift by the main entrance and also a set of stairs close to the bar.

The theatre serves food and drink which can be purchased at the bar.

You can pre-order drinks for the break/interval, if the show has one, by filling out a form. The drinks will be waiting for you, with your name on. They will be on a table on the Ground or First Floor. We also sell ice creams in a variety of flavours.

Some people choose to eat snacks and drink during the performance. There may be some restrictions and it is important to eat or drink quietly so as not to disturb the performance.

Cafe Bar 2022
This is the bar where you can buy drinks and snacks.
Stairs (1)
You can go up the stairs to the First Floor. There are 3 steps to a small landing, followed by two sets of 8 steps with a landing in between, and a final set of 3 steps to the First Floor. 22 steps in total.
Or you can go in the lift to the First Floor.

4. Who you will see in the theatre

During your visit you will see lots of people and many who work at the theatre.

Our Front of House team wear black polo shirts, lanyards around their necks and may be wearing a radio. They will check your tickets before a show and help you find your seats. They may also be selling ice creams or programmes.

If you have any questions about the theatre or show you can ask one of them.

FOH Staff
Here are some of our friendly Front of House staff.

5. What to do with your belongings

You can take small bags and coats in to the theatre spaces with you and they can be put under your seat. If you have a non-essential electronic device please turn this off during the show. So that other people are not disturbed it is important not to use a mobile phone during the performance.

6. Facilities in the theatre

On the Ground Floor we have mens, women’s and accessible toilets. You can look out for the signs or ask the Front of House staff where to go.

There is a baby changing cubicle in both the mens and women’s toilets.

On the second floor (access via stairs only) there are All Gender toilets.

Toilet Collage
Mens, womens and accessible toilets.
Gender Inclusive Toilets 2
All Gender toilets.

7. Before the show starts

Five minutes before the show starts there will be an announcement asking you to go to your seats. If you are not ready to go in to the theatre there will also be 3 minute, 2 minute and 1 minute announcements.

The Front of House staff will scan your ticket and show you into the theatre.

Stage 1 & Godber Studio

8. Where you will watch the show

You will watch the show in one of our theatre spaces. Everyone will have their own seat and your seat number will be on your ticket. Your ticket will also tell you which theatre the show is in.

Stage 1
This is where you enter Stage 1 which is our main theatre space and has 425 seats.
Vom 1
To get to your seats you will go down this corridor. It can sometimes be a bit dark.
Godber Studio
This is where you enter Godber Studio which is our smaller theatre space and has 135 seats.
Studio Corridor
To get to your seats you will go down this corridor.

9. The Stage

The actors will come out on to the stage to perform. Only the actors, and not the audience, are allowed on the stage.

All of the items of scenery, furniture and the objects on stage are called the set.

Mumsy Set 1
Here is what the stage and set might look like for a show.

10. During the show

Just before the show starts the lights will go down and it will get a little darker. Everyone will need to try to be quiet and sit still if they can.

Watching the show might feel like you’re watching a film or television, but the actors are in the same room.

It is best to remain in your seat during the performance but if you need the toilet or there is an important reason to leave you can do so via the nearest exit.

11. During the break/interval

Some shows have a break (or interval) part way through. The lights on stage will go down and some people might clap. This tells the performers that you are enjoying the show so far. Feel free to join in if you wish - you don’t have to though.

Some people find clapping very noisy, this may be a helpful time to use whatever you find useful to tolerate loud noises. If you find the clapping too loud you can cover your ears for a minute or leave the theatre space.

During the break/interval most people will leave the theatre space to move around in the Ground or First Floor areas, use the toilet, get drinks or snacks or go outside for some fresh air.

The break/interval will last about 15 minutes.

There will be an announcement just before the show is about to re-start and you should go back to your seat.

12. After the show

At the end of the show some people might clap again. They may also stand up. This is permitted at the end of a show. If you would like to join in, you can. If you find the clapping too loud you can cover your ears for a minute or leave the theatre space.

Once the show has finished everyone will leave the theatre and the Ground/First floor may become busy. You may prefer to leave whilst people are clapping so that you can exit the venue whilst the Ground and First Floors are less busy. Alternatively you can stay behind in the theatre for a short time and leave after everyone else.

Other Useful Information

We thought it might be useful to provide some approximate distances, between key points in the theatre, for anyone who may have mobility issues. We are able to loan customers a wheelchair, for getting around the theatre, if you feel it might be useful. You can reserve this by calling or emailing the Box Office.

13. Distances

From the Hull Truck Theatre main entrance to:

  • the lift is approx. 8 meters.
  • the Box Office is approx. 17 meters.
  • the Bar is approx. 23 meters.
  • the men’s toilets (and accessible toilet) is approx. 33 meters.
  • the women’s. Toilets (and accessible toilet) is approx. 20 meters.
  • the Stage 1 entrance is approx. 18 meters - there is then a short corridor of approx 15
    meters to reach the stage and seating area.
  • the Godber Studio entrance is approx. 35 meters.

14. Lighting and Sound Effects

Some of our shows use dramatic lighting and sound effects, along with water based haze. On occasion, particularly with visiting shows, we may not know what effects are included when the show goes on sale. We will try, where possible, to note these special effects on the show webpage as soon as we can. You can also contact the Box Office and we will do our best to find out this information for you.

15. Pre-show visit

We are more than happy to show you around the venue and the theatre spaces, ahead of your visit. Please contact the Box Office and we can arrange a time to suit.

16. Relaxed performances

For each Hull Truck Theatre Co/Production we have at least one relaxed performance. These performances are designed to welcome people who might benefit from a more relaxed environment and include additional lighting inside the theatre space, gentler sound effects or warnings and people are encouraged to make noise and move around if they need to.

17. Box Office contact information

Telephone: 01482 323638

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