Hull Truck Apprentice Blog #7

29-Feb-2016 | Sam Hardy - Apprentice Blog

Our Youth Theatre double bill, Circle of Chalk and The Castle, had its run last week, and fellow apprentice James spent a three-day stint getting his technical head on for all the performances of the second show. He's offered us some insider info on how it all went down:

“On the first day of set-up for the productions, we spent our time fitting up all the lights and bringing in the set equipment. The next day, we began tech for the show with the cast, adjusting light and sound levels as needed as they ran through the show. We worked closely with the director, Tom Bellerby, to get the timing of the LX/sound cues just right. Next came dress rehearsals on the night before opening, where we ran through our respective shows to get any last problems out the way. Finally, we arrived swiftly to opening night, which was a blast; there was lots of positive feedback from the audience, and we had a painless switchover from Circle of Chalk to The Castle in an impressive 15 minutes!”

The next show we've got coming up is Ten Storey Love Song from Middle Child Theatre, running from the 2nd to the 12th of March. Though I had my reservations about this one at first, after having the opportunity to sit in during a dress rehearsal last Friday I've definitely changed my mind. Ten Storey describes itself as ‘a love song to a loveless Teesside’, and it’s definitely one to watch if you're a fan of electronic music and shows like Shameless and Skins.

You can get two tickets for £10 if you quote ‘lovesong’ at the box office, and if you attend a Saturday showing you'll get a Welly handstamp qualifying you for £3 entry to Shuffle, so your great night out doesn’t have to end straight after the show!

See you next week!

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