Hull Truck Apprentice Blog #4

08-Feb-2016 | Sam Hardy - Apprentice Blog

So as we all know, Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis is soon approaching (this Thursday, to be precise), and there's been some pretty exciting stuff happening backstage!

In her recent Truck endeavors, Draya has been on a mission to get us some inside exclusives with a couple of the cast members; one in particular being John Branwell, who plays Lionel - Josie's most loyal client with a heart of gold. In their mini-interview in the Green Room, John told her that the rehearsals are "swinging along” nicely. They also discussed how the show is quite demanding as it balances between light-hearted and serious, but we’re hoping its extreme up-and-down nature will keep the audience on their toes! 

Now, to get down to the nitty-gritty business of our backstage antics! Our boys in Technical have been very busy setting up the main theatre ready for the curtains to open on MJCE this week. We caught up with jolly James, who we mentioned in our previous entry, and asked him to give us a little rundown of his responsibilities:

"As a Technical Apprentice, my role primarily includes working with stage management to set up the stage for all of our productions. This includes LX set up and operations for shows, and creating and executing cues for shows while working with the DSM. We also have a go dark period where we strip all the lights and check to see what needs repairing or replacing. So far, I have worked on Sleeping Beauty, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Miss Nightingale, and I’m looking forward to working on lots more shows as 2016 runs its course!"

Make sure to check back with us next week in the run-up to press night. We'll hopefully have some more backstage goodies for you, and a whole load of #selvises - Elvis selfies!

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