Hull Truck Apprentice Blog #21

29-Nov-2016 | Sam Hardy - Apprentice Blog

Last Wednesday was our last official Hull Training day at Craven Park. It was also the day of the Great Apprentice Bake Sale we’d all banded together to organise to help with our qualifications, and to raise money for our selected charity Mind. Armed with a table full of baked goods, a slightly undesirable selection of last minute raffle prizes, and Mortimer the Museum Mammoth acting as our mascot, we managed to raise £78.51, which was much more than any of us were expecting!

All in all it was a success, and a pretty nice send-off for the 8 of us after almost a whole year of working together. If you’re part of the Creative Apprentice Squad and you’re reading this entry (which you should be, because I specifically sent you all the link), I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Speaking of Mortimer, a couple of weeks ago he had a little visit to Hull Truck to see what's been going on here in the lead up to Christmas. Here he is pictured below having an important meeting with our newest addition to the office, Captain Flint the parrot, who kindly let him borrow a pirate-y bandana so he'd fit in with the Christmas cast.

In more theatre-related news, our long awaited Christmas show A Christmas Treasure Islandopens this Friday. I got to sit through the first half of rehearsals last week and it looks fantastic – catchy songs, a cat wearing pirate boots and an eyepatch… what’s not to love? The photo below comes from ensemble cast member James Newton, who has been documenting his time in rehearsals for the show and sending me over some gems (or should I say Jems?) to use in these posts.

Our aforementioned opening show – Friday 2nd December at 7pm – is a Pay What You Can night, meaning that you can pay anything from £1 to £20 for a ticket. There are just over 50 tickets left, so if you’re looking for something to do this Friday maybe this can be it?

Draya and I also started our Christmas flyering duties on the 20th, wandering around Santa's Street Party in Princess Quay wearing pirate hats and spreading the good word of Hull Truck. We're out again on Thursday to catch the late night shopping crowds in St Stephen's, so if you see us please don't hesitate to grab a flyer!

Until next time!

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