Hull Truck Apprentice Blog #20

24-Oct-2016 | Sam Hardy - Apprentice Blog

After a relatively quiet August and a City of Culture-focused September, we're well into October now and already in the process of planning our brochure for the first half of next year. 2017, here we come!

Our world premiere production of The Gaul by playwright Janet Plater began its run on the 6th, and will be on until the 29th October. It's had some lovely reviews from both journalists and the general public, such as this one:

‘A great family drama and a great history lesson. Really worth seeing. Perfectly balanced humour with tragedy to illuminate a sad episode in the city's history. A moving memorial to the everyday bravery of both the trawler men and their families; and a reminder not to forget them.’

On display for the whole run of The Gaul, we also have a beautiful exhibition from The History Centre, researched and produced in partnership with the theatre and comprising of four panels telling the story of the Gaul’s mysterious sinking in 1974. The exhibition also covers the formal investigation which followed, and reflects on the impact that the incident has had on Hull.

A few weeks ago, I got to tag along to our special Christmas Treasure Island photoshoot at Spurn Point, with the official role of Chief Towel Holder™. It was a great day out filled with chocolate coins, unexpected September sun, and a curious seal who popped up several times along the coast wanting to get in on the pirate-y action. 

Draya and I are planning another photo booth/selfie station for Treasure Island press night - much like the one we had here, but minus the dreaded Twitter machine. That combined with the fact we'll be flyering sometime next month in full pirate attire means thar be lots of cutlasses, eyepatches and parrots coming our way!

There are also still a few days left to get in on our Christmas Early Bird Family & Friends offer, where parties of 4 can get £3 off per ticket. Parties must include at least one over 18 and one under 18, and the offer ends on the 31st October, so be quick!

And last on the agenda, with December fast approaching, it’s been almost a year since me, Draya and James started working here at Hull Truck (which means it’s also almost time for us to leave, but we don’t talk about that). To celebrate all that we’ve learned and accomplished over the last 12 months, we’re teaming up with the rest of the Hull Training creative apprentices on our course to hopefully host a bake sale on the 23rd November at Craven Park, which I’ve lovingly and creatively titled The Great Apprentice Bake Off Sale (Mary Berry not included). All the money we raise from the sale will be donated to the charity Mind, so we’d love for you to come along and help us out!

Ciao for now!

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