Hull Truck Apprentice Blog #19

13-Jul-2016 | Sam Hardy - Apprentice Blog

After a wildly successful three-week run, we closed the curtains on Educating Rita last Saturday, and we had some fantastic feedback this time around! Such as this gem:  

“This was an absolutely brilliant performance by both actors. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would in fact watch the whole thing again. We would highly recommend this show to others and would put in the category of a West End Show.”

It’s always odd when a show ends and everyone involved leaves the building – I’m personally going to miss seeing Simon hanging out in the green room watching tennis – but preparations for our next in-house show The Gaul are already underway, and I’m sure that will come around before we know it.

Fab Hull Truck Supported Artists The Roaring Girls and Associated Artist James Frewer have been frequenting the Truck rehearsal room for the last week and a bit getting ready for their show Broken Little Robots, which starts tonight and runs until Friday 15th. They describe BLR as ‘a show about living with depression - about surviving not imploding’, and from what else I’ve seen and heard so far, it looks like it’s going to be a good (and definitely emotional!) watch.

As evidenced by that beautiful photo I used as the blog header, Draya, volunteer usher Sam Potter, and myself were beep-booping around St Stephen’s last weekend in our sexy tinfoil attire, handing out flyers for the show to try and ensure that they have some lovely big audiences for the next three nights.

Another exciting thing to mention is that our new season brochure launched at the end of June, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears from the whole team to get it all together! We’d love it if you popped into the building to pick yourself up a physical copy to see all the exciting new stuff we’ve got on in the September – December period, and there’s a copy online for you to view here too.

Bye for now!

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