Hull Truck Apprentice Blog #10

22-Mar-2016 | Sam Hardy - Apprentice Blog

Last week was National Apprentice Week 2016, which I had previously never heard of but am now eternally grateful for – mostly because Starbucks ran a Buy One Get One Free offer throughout the whole week for apprentices with NUS cards, like yours truly. Score.

One of our lovely tutors from Hull Training, Jackie Gray, came to visit us on Wednesday, to discuss how we’ve been getting on since we started (three whole months ago!) and to make sure we’ve all been getting on smoothly with our work. She brought along a photographer to take some snaps of us wild apprentices in our natural habitats, so here’s one of our good friend James.

The excitement on his face is almost too much to bear, I know. About his apprenticeship, James told me:

“After completing a university course, I chose to go onto an apprenticeship to broaden my skills and open myself up to more job opportunities.”

We didn’t manage to get a photo of lesser-spotted technical apprentice Harry so I’ve had to improvise, but you can barely tell.

I got a quote from him to make up for the fact we didn’t get a cheesy-looking posed photo:

“Choosing an apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to do a job I’ve always wanted to do, and to gain the skills I need to take that job to a higher level.”

Next up is my partner-in-crime, Draya. 

“My apprenticeship is enabling me to gain valuable experience working in a career that I am passionate about.”

And last but not least, moi. I always knew university wasn’t for me – undertaking an apprenticeship instead means I get to learn whilst I work in an environment that I love.

That's all on the apprentice front! We'll be back next week with more terrific Truck tales.

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