Ten-Minutes of Kindness: Regional Writing Competition

In the early part of Lockdown, we launched a writing competition 10 Minutes of Kindness, to encourage local people to express how they were feeling through their creativity at a time of great uncertainty for us all. We noticed too, many examples of ordinary people performing simple acts of incredible kindness, from caring for neighbours unable to do their shopping, to calling the isolated and the lonely, showing that amongst all the anxiety and worry,  our capacity for empathy and care was an inspiring beacon of hope.

There were 27 entries to the competition and two joint winners, whose work was subsequently filmed on Zoom and edited on our laptops. Whilst the technology wasn’t always our friend, we hope the spirit of these stories captures a moment in time where the world was turned upside down and our freedoms, for so long taken for granted, curtailed.

Our thanks to all those who entered, it was a privilege to read all your work, and to our two winners Cole Green and Rachel Hogg, congratulations – we hope you are pleased with the results. Thanks also to our performers Brian Hossack, a member of Hull Truck Theatre’s over 55’s theatre makers group, Act III and Erin Findlay, a recent graduate of our Young Company and aspiring future actor. Special thanks to Matthew Wilson and Nicola Stephenson who gave so generously of their time when our production of TWO, in which they were starring, was cancelled after only a few performances when lockdown occurred.

We hope you enjoy these stories, written with love by local people from the heart of Hull.

Closer to Home by Rachel Hogg



Zoom Call with Grandad by Cole Green