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Community Dialogues

Our flagship community engagement program works with groups and organisations across the city to ensure that Hull Truck Theatre is a place for everyone, regardless of background or financial barriers.

Our team form partnerships and attend events in areas of low arts engagement and where communities experience significant socio-economic challenges, to learn about the barriers that prevent people from accessing the arts and to broaden our offer to make us as welcoming and accessible as possible.

Our engagement takes place in 2 target postcodes, HU3 and HU6 in collaboration with local community groups. These groups include the Goodwin Trust, Hessle Road Network, The Parks children’s centre, Route 1 Youth Centre and the Veterans Hub.

The community groups we work with attend tours at the theatre, take part in regular workshops, visit the theatre with financially-supported tickets and experience theatre in community venues on their doorstep.

Community Ambassadors

Our team work with a dedicated group of Community Ambassadors who help us to engage with people living in HU3 and HU6. They are members of the communities we work in or groups we work with and are crucial in helping the programme to succeed.

Our Community Ambassadors are Tanya Walker, Chris and Anne Todd, Jo Atkinson, Siddi Majubah and Syeda Nudrat.

Baby, Toddler and Great Adventures

Great Adventures, our termly interactive storytelling event for children aged 3 to 6 is greatly enjoyed by families across the city. This event is often sold out, so we offer some golden tickets for patrons from specific postcodes.

Supported tickets are also offered to patrons from specific postcodes for both our Baby and Toddler adventures sessions.

Get Involved

We want to hear your opinions to help us build our theatre into a cultural hub inclusive to everyone.

If you would like to collaborate with us on a community event or just share your opinions and ideas of how we could make the theatre a place where everyone feels welcome, contact us on

If you work with or attend a group that you think would like to have a tour of the theatre, a workshop or just meet our engagement team please contact us on

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