Tales from the Bedside Table

It's late. That time of night. Restlessness and sleeplessness approaches. Something catches your eye, the dusty teddy bear on the shelf, the gripping thriller that you started reading yesterday and the glimmer of street light that seeps through the blinds. 

Relax as our Act III drama group share Tales from the Bedside Table. Four short stories that will transport you to storyland and take your mind for a welcomed break. 

These are best enjoyed through headphones in your comfiest spot. So relax, lie back, and enjoy Tales from the Bedside Table. 


Creative Team 

Stories written & performed by members of Act III, Hull Truck Theatre's over 55's group

Facilitated by and Dramaturg, Francesca Millican-Slater. 

Produced by Luke Pearson. 

Music by Katy Rose Bennett.


20th April, 2021

Bear Faced Tale

Created by Brian Hossack, Christine Church and Hugh Newsam.


Hull Truck Theatre · Bear Faced Tale (EP 1)


21 April, 2021

The Bequest 

Created by Elizabeth Holt, Roger Coates and Gillie Gasser 


Hull Truck Theatre · The Bequest (Ep 2)


22 April, 2021

Willow Pattern Dream

Created by Rosie Palmer, Gail Pearson and Robert Spivey 


Hull Truck Theatre · Willow Pattern Dream (EP 3)


23 April, 2021

Comfort in the Night

Created by Dorothy Madden, Lynda Danby and Bernard Hair


Hull Truck Theatre · Comfort In The Night (EP 4)


13 July, 2021

Spring Street Terrace

Created by Christine Church, Dorothy Madden and Lynda Danby.

Hull Truck Theatre · Spring Street Terrace (EP 5)


20 July, 2021

Talking Bricks

Created by Rob Spivey, Hugh Newsam and Gillie Gasser.

Hull Truck Theatre · Talking Bricks (EP 6)