Setting The Stage

Hull Truck Theatre are Setting The Stage to welcome audiences back to the building this summer - working with Yorkshire-based theatre designer, Caitlin Mawhinney to bring the theatre building back to life ahead of re-opening to audiences this summer after a 15-month period of closure. 

The installation will include vibrant window displays using props and costumes from previous shows which will give a glimpse into theatre productions of years gone by… but with a twistTo symbolise key themes of growth, togetherness, hope, community and wellbeing, there will also be a flower-themed community engagement element to the project. 

See here for the full News Story and details of how you can get involved...

Growth Updates:

Beginners - 28/05/2021

Things are 'beginning' to take shape for the next phase of #SettingTheStage. The performers are waiting in the wings after receiving their Beginners Call.

Dressed in costumes from previous shows and decorated with flowers made by you, look out for the latest update in the windows of our Ferensway home...


The Half - 10/05/2021

Buds are now popping up and revealing some colourful frames. "The Half" is upon us and things are beginning to look more like a stage in the windows of our Ferensway home

With the appearance of more flowers thanks to members of the community, things are starting to take their place. 

The stage manager is organising things in the wings and set pieces are now in the space before the actors and audience arrive.

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of "The Half", a new phase of Setting The Stage, don't forget to take a selfie on our outdoor stage and tag @hulltruck with #SettingTheStage


Rehearsals - 26/04/2021

The seeds are developing... "Rehearsals" have begun at Hull Truck Theatre.

Like a seed beginning to sprout, the show starts to come alive during the rehearsal period.

Performers run scenes with directors, stage managers start organising and designers sketch their concepts.

Take a glimpse behind the scenes with "Setting The Stage", now available for passers-by to enjoy through the windows of our Ferensway home...


The Seed - 19/04/2021