A Play A Day Play-reading activity

Every weekday between Monday 6 April – Friday 24 April 2020, a short play will be released, written by some of Hull’s amazing local playwrights. The plays were commissioned by Hull Truck Theatre for various projects over recent years and we are delighted to share these with a wider audience.  

You can read these plays on your own, out loud with the people in your household or with friends by phone or a video conferencing platform. Reading plays can be enjoyable if you imagine how it might look onstage, what actors you could imagine casting in it or even thinking about how you would stage the play if you were the director.  

Each play will come with some notes to help the reader, so even if you’ve never read a play before, this is a great opportunity to get stuck-in.

We will also include details of the content and themes, including age guidance for those reading with children and young people or who may have been affected by issues raised in the plays.  

First up will be a play by local writer Lydia Marchant, 2009, originally written as part of our youth theatre project, TEN, and performed in March 2019 by 55 members of Hull Truck Theatre’s Young Company. TEN celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Hull Truck Theatre moving into our home on Ferensway and featured 10 ten-minute plays, each based on a year in the decade 2009-2019.  

Online release date: 

Monday 6 April- 2009 by Lydia Marchant. Inspired by her love of Hull City and their historic promotion to the premiere league. 

Tuesday 7 April - Kidnapping Nick By Ellen Brammar This play was inspired by the result of 2010 general election in which the Liberal Democrats-led by Nick Clegg-formed a coalition government with the Conservative party. In the build up to the election Nick Clegg promised to scrap universitytuition fees but once in power supporteda significant rise in the costof going to university. 

Wednesday 8 April - RIOT By Lydia Marchant  This play was inspired by the riots since across the UK during summer 2011.

Thursday 9 April - 2012 by Josh Overton This play was inspired by the 2012 phenomenon in which a small number of people across the planet believed 2012 would be the end of the world.  

Friday 10 April- 2013:  Hull Announced as City Of Culture This play is inspired by 2013’s announcement that Hull would be 2017 City of Culture and set at Welly, a nightclub and music venue in Hull.

Monday 13 April - Whites of Their Eyes By Morgan Sproxton This play was inspired by news of a significant rise in classroom violence in 2014.   

Tuesday 14 April - Elbum  By Morgan Sproxton This play was inspired by the news that in 2015 teenage pregnancy was at its lowest level in 70 years.  

Wednesday 15 April - Random Acts of Comedy By Josh Overton This play was inspired by 2016’s trend of young people dressing as clowns near forests and schools to scare passing people. 

Thursday 16 April - Me Too By Ellen Brammar This play was inspired by 2017’s #MeToo movement.  

Friday 17 April - 2018 By Josh Overton This play was inspired by 2018 and the challenge of remaining optimistic in politically uncertain times.  

Monday 20 April - Home By Jim English The play follows the lives of Eddie and protester Laura as they attempt to stand-up against the demolition of Eddie’s home to make way for HS2.

Tuesday 21 April - LEFTOVERS By Lydia Marchant This play follows the challenges faced by Molly and her girlfriend Becca as they attempt to save up money to buy a house. 

Wednesday 22 April - Cocaine Rat Cage By Josh Overton This play follows a chance encounter between Bobby and Seb.

Thursday 23 April - Dancing Through the Shadows by Richard Vergette A STORY OF LOVE AND FAMILY FROM THE HEART OF THE HULL BLITZ
It’s a long way from Hessle to Hessle Road. When Tom and Sylvia meet on the dance floor in 1938 they begin a romance that crosses the class divide,
until the families are thrown together when the Second World War reaches Hull. As the Blitz shatters their world apart, the young couple struggle to
hold their relationship together.



*Please note that all plays are fully protected by copyright. All plays are available only for private, personal use and not for any other form of wider distribution. Any enquiries concerning the rights for professional or amateur stage production, broadcasting, readings etc should be made to the writer or their agent.