Task #7: Generating a character from your opinions

   Task #7: Generating a character from your opinions

Set a timer for sixty seconds and write down as many things that you believe as possible. These can range from things that you believe deeply, that massively shape the way you live your life, or they could be fun opinions you hold on food, drink and the arts.

My list might include:

The world revolves around the sun

The NHS is awesome

Milk goes into tea last…not first

Star Trek is brilliant

Red Lucozade tastes much better than orange Lucozade


The Task  

Choose one of the beliefs from the list you compiled and write a monologue/speech from the point of view of a character who passionately believes the opposite to you. Write the speech to argue against the belief that you hold. It is important that you try to genuinely put yourself in this character’s shoes, their beliefs should be valid to them and you should try to make them as believable as possible. You may want to think about: 

  • What has happened in your character’s life to make them believe this?  
  • Who is the speech directed at?  
  • What do they hope to achieve by getting their point across?  


We’d love to hear some of your responses to this task. Feel free to share your work with us on social media.