Happy New Writing Year!

04-Jan-2023 | Kerrie L Marsh -

We made it, it is 2023 peeps. The year of the 37 Plays submission is here, and we are so stoked to get to April and discover the new 37 plays that have been chosen and that represent the world we live in today all in the aid to celebrate Shakey's first folio some mere 400 years ago. Whoop whoop!

Submissions are open now so if you are ready to go, get on the 37 Plays website and do just that. Submit!

If you are not quite there yet, do not worry! The submission window will remain open until the 31st of January so there is still plenty of time to finish off the festive leftovers and smash that super script in plenty of time. Also, what a way to start the year, get a resolution ticked off your list immediately.

2023 – Write a play – TICK!

Give yourself a couple of weeks off before tackling the next resolution, which will most likely be, write more plays because now you are inspired by the 37 Plays project there is no stopping you. Am I right? You’re welcome. Our work here is done.

Do not forget that the 37 Plays website offers so many resources if you still require a little bit of inspiration. There are master classes on the RSC YouTube channel and a 37 Plays podcast available to listen to with playwright Mark Ravenhill. We have offered a weekly blog here at Hull Truck Theatre that has covered a wide range of 37 Plays topics. I have shared some of my favourite activities from the resource packs and offered support, advice and tips from myself and other local playwrights too.

For those local to Hull city centre don’t forget the central library and the Middle Child Theatre library for creative resources, inspiration, and relaxed places to write.

For those struggling to finish, my tip to you is read what you have so far. Read it aloud though, not in your head alone. Get some likeminded folks you can trust, feel safe and confident around and read aloud together. Discuss and get feedback.

For me it really is a vital part of my process before deciding, “right, that’s my final draft, pen drop”. I like to hear it spoken. I make notes as my good friends read out my words as hearing it, rather then reading it in my own head, is so much more productive for me in those final stages.

Accepting opinions and thoughts from those you trust is important for me as a writer as I see them also as my first audience. The first ears. So, what they have to share will be of great importance. You don’t always have to agree but you should be open to it. Learning to be open to feedback is key and the earlier you start inviting that in your writing practice the better. 

So, I’ve already mentioned the holiday leftovers. Get your tribe over, polish off the mince pies and bucks fizz and celebrate your submission.

What a way to start 2023!

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