Task #4: The Space

Task #4: The Space

Some playwrights write detailed descriptions of how they imagine the world of the play will look on stage. They explain the space they want to create exactly and then leave it open to the director and designer’s vision. There is no right or wrong way to approach this.

The Task 

Think of a place that you know incredibly well. This could be a room at your place of work, school, in your house or a public space that many people are familiar with.  

Write as detailed a description of the room as possible without revealing where it is. Can you describe the furniture, the colours and the feelings without explicitly saying where it is?  

I was a participant in this writing activity a few years ago and someone wrote an incredible description of the Job Centre. He didn’t name it, but based on his description of the layout and atmosphere I just knew exactly where he was talking about.  

If you’re doing this with children or friends, you could try reading your writing out and give the other person three guesses.   

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