Task #3: Things that you love

Task #3: Things that you love

In these strange times a bit of positivity can go a long way...

The Task  

Write a list of all the art that you absolutely love. It could be anything that you feel passionately about, this could be because it reminds you of a specific moment in your life, a person or you might simply think its really good 

Below are some suggestions of what your list could include:  

  • A Film that you love 
  • A Book that you love   
  • A piece of visual art that you love 
  • A piece of music that you love  
  • A play that you love  
  • A poem that you love  
  • Any other types of art you can think of.   

Try to explain exactly what it is that you love about it. Can you sum up for your passion for it?   

For example, I love the film The Untouchables. It’s beautifully directed, acted, has a gorgeous soundtrack and it survives having Sean Connery play an Irish police officer without changing his accent. For me, I could watch this film a million times and still feel something or notice another detailI still feel tension during the infamous railway station scene, still feel fear on the appearance of the man in white suit and I’m still punching the air during their victories. The music makes me feel exactly what the filmmakers want me to feel before I even know I’m feeling it.  

If anyone is interested:  

  • A Film that I love is The Untouchables 
  • A Book that I love is The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger 
  • A piece of visual art that I love is the photography of Vanley Burke  
  • A piece of music that I love is David Bowie’s Life on Mars 
  • A play that I love is Too Fast by Douglas Maxwell  
  • A poem that I love is This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin 

Have a think about how your writing could reflect the art that you love. Could my writing have a non-linear structure like The Time Traveller’s Wife? Could it tell stories with just the pictures you conjure up like Vanley Burke’s photography? Could it surprise audiences like Life on Mars surprises listeners?  

Once you’ve written your list, maybe you could share it on social media. I suspect a lot of people are looking for television, film and music recommendations. It could brighten someone’s day.