Superstar Apprentice Rose interviews herself one year on

Superstar Apprentice Rose interviews herself one year on

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we asked our very own Superstar Apprentice to do the unthinkable and interview herself. 2020 Rose is here to put 2019 Rose's mind at rest, making a big decision about the next stage of her life. 2020 Rose meet 2019 Rose.



Name: 2020 Rose Veitch

Age: 19

Title: Communications Apprentice

Specialist Skills: Creating Content, General ICT Skills, Extremely Organised and Always Eager To Help!

Goals: Pass my driving test, buy a car, SEE MABEL LIVE.



2019 Rose: "I've applied for University, but I'm not sure it's really for me. Hull Truck Theatre are looking for an apprentice, I really like the idea of it but don't know which path I should take. What should I do 2020 Rose?"

2020 Rose: "Well 2019 Rose, deciding what to do after you finish your A-levels is a big decision. But sitting where I am now, I can tell you that you get the best of both worlds from the apprenticeship - you still get the higher education experience, whilst being employed in a professional workplace.

You end up studying a Level 3 Business Administration course and go to college once a week, with 4 days in the office. I know it’s the only subject you didn’t learn in school, but you LOVE it… a bit too much actuallyyou end up submitting too much work btw... please calm down.

You also end up saving money for your driving lessons and a car - it would be more if you didn’t make so many ASOS orders and bother all the employees at Lush... and if you’re wondering if you can drive in 2020, well sorry to burst your Clueless bubble Cher Horowitz, keep checking your mirrors!"

2019 Rose: "I'm a bit worried that all the other workers will be older than me. What if they’re all 20+ year olds who don't talk to me because I don't get their references? I think I might feel a bit out of place."

2020 Rose: "You will stay in your shell for a while at the beginning of your apprenticeship. But that’s okay, you’re just observing. You end up working at Hull Truck for more than a year and make some really good friends, we even go out after work and stuff sometimes. If I’m honest, you didn't talk to people as much when you first started because you weren’t as confident, but they were still really friendly even then. So don’t worry, everyone there will talk to everyone regardless of age...

Maybe don’t remind everyone how old they are though… being born in the same year the Spice Girls broke up isn’t something to be proud about… or that you were -29 years old when Hull Truck was formed in 1971! You should totally keep educating everyone about today’s pop music from the likes of; Mabel, Stormzy, and Dua Lipa though. Sadly, One Direction haven’t reunited like they promised, maybe in 2021. You must respect their music taste… even if it is cringey. Oh, speaking about old people, you’re 20 this year! Your teenage years are over, buy anti-wrinkle cream NOW!

2019 Rose: "What are you going to do after the Apprenticeship? Do you feel ready?"

2020 Rose: "It is always good to keep your options open, and this is a big choice to make in life. You started your apprenticeship at 18 and you’ve learnt more about yourself than you could ever imagine. You’re confidence has grown because of it. You’ve also worked with many other departments and not just with the Marketing team. You have so many skills now ranging from Interpersonal, ICT, Communication, Planning & Organisation skills and more! Your CV is so much stronger and you’re proud about it!

Sometimes it wasn’t easy but it was always totally worth it! Please listen closely though - you’re not expected to know or be able to do everything! Plus, you don't necessarily have to have one job for the rest of your working life. You started off as a cleaner, then you worked in a primary school, and now you’re doing this apprenticeship. All these jobs have given you so many skills, with those skills merged, you have the confidence to do whatever you decide to do. Trust me, you won’t be stuck at a dead end after your apprenticeship because it has given you another step in the right direction. After your apprenticeship you might even do a job you hate, you can always brush it out of your hair and move on to the next! Note to self, this motto totally works for other things in life (even loser boyfriends).

In Short - You know what you want to do now which you didn’t before this apprenticeship. It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out, just do what makes you happy, you’ve got this!

Lots of Love,