Consequences: Meet Everal

Consequences: Meet Everal

Next up is Everal who plays dysfunctional father and head of the Middleton family, George, in our streamed sitcom-soap opera: Consequences.

Everal has worked across theatre, TV, film and radio and also sits on the Board of Hull Truck Theatre. He trained at the Academy Drama School where he was the recipient of the prestigious Stage scholarship. 

You may recognise his face from Max and Paddy, Emmerdale and Doctor Who, or if you're into video games, perhaps you'll recognise his distinctive voice from The Witcher and Sacred 3



Accessibility: Video is captioned with the full transcript available below.

EW = Everal Walsh / Q = Question



EW - My name is Everal A. Walsh, and I play George, the father.

Q - Describe your character in three words.

EW- Patriarch, introvert, and caring.

Q - What has been the best thing about working digitally on this project?

EW- For me, I think the ability to work with so many different people, and that's including all the creatives, and the students of Hull, and the creatives have not just all been based in Hull, or Yorkshire, or so forth, but around the country. And for us to be able all to come together at the same time and create this work, and for this work to be able to be shown to the larger public, has been a fantastic thing.

Q - What is the first thing you are going to do after lockdown?

EW- Well. For me, I'll probably stop in. because it's my choice. I think people will be rushing about, and I'm not really about too much rush. And then I'll probably go and visit family and friends who I haven't been able to see because of this coronavirus.