Consequences: Meet Dominique

Consequences: Meet Dominique

Last but by no means least, the spotlight is on Dominique Jackson, who plays Rebecca in "Consequences: A Humberside Soap Opera"...

Star of the stage and screen, Dominique returns to Hull Truck Theatre. Last time she visited us she played the starring role of Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
You also might recognise Dominique from her appearances on TV. As a child she started out playing Becky in Becky & Barnaby Bear, then from 2007-2010 she played series regular Lauren Valentine in Hollyoaks.
To watch the season finale of Consequences, tune in to our YouTube channel at 5pm this afternoon.

Find out what Dominique thinks of her character below...

Accessibility: Video is captioned with the full transcript available below.

DJ = Dominique Jackson / Q = Question


DJ - Okay, hello, everyone, my name is Dominique Jackson, and I play Rebecca in "Consequences", the middle sister.

Q - Describe your character in three words.

DJ - If I had to describe Rebecca in three words, I would say friendly, fun and unusual.

Q - What has been the best thing about working digitally on this project?

DJ - The best thing about working on this project digitally has been the opportunity to work with the young people, and get to know all of their ideas, how they think about things, and also to experience how good they are at story-writing.

Q - What is the first thing you are going to do after lockdown?

DJ - When lockdown is over, the first thing I will be doing is going for food with my mum and grandma. Throughout the past year, we've probably done that more than we ever have, and I think it's gonna be a great opportunity to catch up with each other, and also breathe the same air.