An insight into our Creative Learning Department

An insight into our Creative Learning Department

Matilda Harper, our Box Office Advisor turned Community Engagement Officer, talks through her first few months settling into her exciting new role.

There are few jobs in the world in which you can spend a Wednesday morning talking to lovely people, drinking tea and weaving a fishing net from bits of washing line; but luckily, I am one of the few who get to experience this fantastically eclectic vocation.  

My name is Matilda, and I am the new Community Engagement Officer at Hull Truck Theatre. It has been a whirlwind few months filled with glitter, workshops, tea, crafts and inspiring conversations. Hull Truck Theatre has been in my life since watching my first Christmas show as a six-year-old girl, so it's such a lovely opportunity to come back as a part of the team. A huge part of my job is to make Hull Truck Theatre a part of other people's lives. One of the most wonderful things about Hull is the incredible community organisations and small collections of inspirational humans that work tirelessly to ensure that everyone enjoys the rich culture and spirit that makes up our city.  

Last month working alongside our production of Jack Lear, which meant we were getting stuck in with all things fishy in the Creative Learning Department. From fishing nets and origami fish, to creative writing workshops and a Great Adventures in Storyland partnership with the Maritime Trust, our theatre has been full of impact and interaction with our surrounding communities.

This month’s chatter led to creative writing workshops with the Hessle Road Network and Creative Exchange. Both organisations are from the Hessle Road community and even now are tightly linked to the history of Hulls Fishing industry. The workshops helped us capture the some of the unique and creative Hessle Road voices. To listen to some samples of their work, click here.

The legacy of Hull’s fishing industry is fascinating and is still so alive in our culture. We wanted to continue our theme of maritime storytelling in January's interactive children’s show, Great Adventures in Storyland. We set sail with the Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City Team on a rickety trawler with a juvenile trawlerman who was thrown overboard! He wakes up in the belly of a plastic infested whale, and can only escape with the help of his fellow adventurers - the audience. Our collaboration with the Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City Team helped us to talk about the history of Hull's rich fishing industry, and how we can keep our marine life safe from harmful plastics. This was a great voyage for our new collaborative plans for Great Adventures in Storyland; every adventure that happens this year will be closely linked to Hull Truck Theatre’s programme and where possible in conjunction with a local organisation. To find out more about the next Great Adventure, click here.

This is such an exciting time to be a part of the Creative Learning team at Hull Truck, and to be a part of the ever-growing communities in HU3 and HU6. Hull Truck Theatre has been built and developed by passionate like minded people with stories to tell and a love for exceptional art, not unlike the work created with our communities; beautiful work created by a collective of people passionate about what they do and being a part of the spirit that makes our city so special.

Thank you to everyone who has made my first few months in this job so rewarding. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Hull Truck's relationship with our surrounding communities!