Hull Truck Theatre Casting Policy

We produce a minimum of four productions per year as well as several research and development weeks, play readings and our annual GROW festival. We work in co-production partnerships with other theatres and companies, so occasionally casting will be led by other theatres and directors, but we will always hold auditions here in Hull as well as other centres across the UK such as London, Manchester and Leeds. 

Overall Process

Specific Productions, open auditions and general individual meetings

We usually audition for specific productions, but once a year we will hold general Open Auditions, and occasionally have individual general meetings. You will always be able to find out when these are on this page so do keep a regular look out for our next series of auditions.

If you are an actor wanting to be considered by Hull Truck Theatre, we’d love you to get to know us and our work, so that if we do meet, you are already familiar with what we do. If you are local to us, please come along, see the work in both our spaces and get a feel for what we are about and what excites you about us.

Inclusion led casting

We have an inclusive casting policy. This means we seek to cast the best actors for the roles available across a diverse range of cultural groups and ethnicities. Actors will be considered seriously for any role - and not solely confined to those written with their own personal characteristics in mind. We will ensure that each production will audition a diverse list of artists for every role to more accurately reflect the diversity of a modern Britain.

Casting Directors

We sometimes work with Casting Directors. They will issue breakdowns via the Spotlight Link for each play as we begin casting and direct to a select number of agents. If you are without an agent, please submit your details directly to the casting director as indicated on this page or if we are not working with a casting director to indicating clearly which production and which role.

General open Auditions further information

We hold regular General Open Auditions in Hull as an opportunity for Hull, East Riding and Northern-based actors to meet with and audition for Artistic Director Mark Babych.

The auditions are not for a specific production but enable us to widen our knowledge of actors we might work with in the future on everything from workshops, scratch performances, creative learning work and readings, through to our mainstage productions.

Our next General Audition Day will be announced soon - please keep checking this website.

To be considered for the General Auditions, please send your CV and headshot to


These are open to professional actors, and successful candidates will be invited to audition. Due to limited capacity we cannot guarantee an audition for every actor who applies but please remember that there will be further opportunities to be seen in the future.

Individual Meetings

Occasionally we might just invite you in for a meeting. If we do then we generally just want to meet you and hear about your work, but it’s a good idea to have a monologue prepared in case we have the time to see something. On these occasions your monologue can be anything from your repertoire, classical or modern.


We audition in different ways:

Workshop Auditions – this is usually for productions that are highly physical or ensemble based. This will be 1-2 hours long. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring water. You will work with 10-15 other actors also auditioning. We may send you scenes beforehand to think about and you should prepare these in the same way you would for a rehearsal.

Individual auditions - If you are invited for an individual audition, please make sure that, if there is a script available, you have read the play so that the director can have a fruitful dialogue with you. If you have been called for an interview at short notice this may not be possible and will, of course, be taken into account. If the production is a new play, we will endeavour to send you the relevant scenes. The Director may want to read with you and explore the scene differently, so we advise you to prepare for the interview as if it were a rehearsal.

On the day we will inform you when we hope to make decisions by, if we intend to recall, but please bear in mind that casting can a complicated jigsaw so you may not hear immediately. Here at Hull Truck Theatre we will always let you or your agent know one way or another.

Grow Artist Network

As part of Grow, our Artist Development Programme, we operate an Artist Network where artists of all backgrounds and art forms can be kept up to date about local and regional creative opportunities, share ideas, learn and collaborate. For more information about the Network visit: and to join this creative community please submit your full name, email address and artistic field to