Response to Stage Directors UK research

As Artistic Director at Hull Truck Theatre, I feel very strongly about gender equality and I welcome Thomas Hescott and Stage Directors UK’s invitation to start a dialogue about the opportunities for women directors.

However, as Stage Directors UK acknowledge in their article, analysis of an arbitrary twelve months for a theatre with a small number of slots for produced work can indeed mean that the data is too small to give a fair representation. For example, during the twelve months of 2017, women accounted for 44% of our creative teams, including 22% of Directors, 86% of Assistant Directors and 75% of Writers, demonstrating our commitment to championing women’s voices on stage.

Below is the full statement that we submitted to The Stage in response to the SDUK’s research:

“Hull Truck Theatre is committed to gender equality across every aspect of our organisation, from our core workforce and creative teams to the stories we put on stage.

We have seized the opportunity presented by Hull UK City of Culture 2017 to diversify our creative teams. Across Hull Truck Theatre productions in our Year of Exceptional Drama, 22% of directors were female and 44% of creative teams were female.

As a company with a male Artistic Director and an average output of 4 in-house productions per year, there is a challenge in ensuring equal opportunities for directors, which is why we made the deliberate decision to appoint 6 out of 7 female Assistant Directors this year.

We are dedicated to readdressing the balance in our own work and proactively championing women’s voices; from 2018 we are committed to a 50/50 gender split across creative teams for Hull Truck Theatre productions.”

Mark Babych, Artistic Director, Hull Truck Theatre