Interview with Lauryn Redding

Interview with Lauryn Redding

Lauryn Redding, who starred as Nancy in our Christmas production of Oliver Twist, is back in the building! Lauryn plays Emily in The Hired Man, a co-production by Hull Truck Theatre and Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, in association with Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

Tell us about your character, Emily.

Emily is described in the first 5 minutes of the show as 'having the devil in her’. She’s funny, she’s strong, she’s resilient and full of hope. She’s a joy to play.

Why did you want to audition for this production?

The Hired Man is a musical about the hope, strength and passion of the working class, and I think they are few and far between. It’s a musical that almost feels like a play. Although this production is FULL of music and songs, the story and the lives of the characters represent the main focus, and that’s the kind of musical I would want to see. 

You’ve worked with Hull Truck Theatre before, on last year’s Christmas show, Oliver Twist. How does it feel to be collaborating with us again?

I’m really excited to be back at Hull Truck Theatre. I had a great time here at Christmas. The team are fantastic, the ethos of the building is wonderful, and the audiences were great too. Hull is going to love this! Also looking forward to a Thieving Harry’s breakfast!

You are an actor singer, musician – multi-talented! How important is the singing and music to your performance?

The music and the songs in the show are an extension of the narrative and the heart of this piece…and I think that is why it works so brilliant. The text flows into songs and vice versa. Music can often express something words can’t, it’s a universal language.

The Hired Man is regarded as the best British musical of the past 40 years. What makes it still relevant today?

I think that, in the current climate of Brexit with change in the air, this musical is VERY relevant. We are dealing with the unknown at the moment, and this is very much the case in The Hired Man. Union strikes, World War 1, the Industrial Revolution. This show is also hugely about love, community and hope, and I think right now that is more relevant than ever. 

What can audiences expect to enjoy most about The Hired Man?

A wonderful evening of heartfelt storytelling, amazing live music and some food for thought. It’s funny, heart-breaking, joyous, and we would love to share it with you.