Hull Truck Theatre wins Gold and Silver at White Rose Awards 2019

Hull Truck Theatre wins Gold and Silver at White Rose Awards 2019

On Monday 25th November, Hull Truck Theatre attended Welcome To Yorkshire's White Rose Awards 2019. We were lucky enough to win 2 awards; Gold Award for Arts & Culture and Silver Award for Accessible and Inclusive Tourism.

The Arts & Culture Award covered Arts & Culture based experiences that engage with both residents and visitors, which could have been a one-off event or a body of work over a period of time.

WRA Commented: "The judges were bowled over by this pioneering theatre whose passion and commitment shone through with a unique Northern voice. They praised not only its artistic endeavours, but also the wide spectrum of inclusivity with both the actors and audience. They also highlighted the key role of education and the extensive work carried out in the local and regional community."

The Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Award recognises tourism businesses providing truly memorable visitor experiences for everyone, particularly those with accessibility requirements, and demonstrating excellence across every aspect of the business.

WRA Commented: "As a company grows it can lose sight of the founding principles and aims. This business has grown and moved into a permanent base, but the founding aims, and principles have developed with the growth to a point where even the building exudes a sense of calm and welcome. The company continues to extend the arts into the community with low cost tickets and providing access by not only meeting but going beyond to ensure various levels of needs are not just met but are embraced and welcomed; always endeavouring to find ways to improve the experience for all."


For the third time as well... we just can't believe it. It shows the momentum coming out of 2017 and all the amazing things happening in the city. It's really for the whole staff team, they're just incredible and have helped put on some magical productions over the year. How great that a number of other Hull organisations got awards too!"

Janthi Mills-Ward, Executive Director of Hull Truck Theatre (In conversation about winning Arts & Culture)