Hull Truck Theatre Raises £4,162 in Unlocking Creativity Fundraiser Supported by the Big Give

30 Mar 2024 | General News

We are proud to announce the success of our recent fundraising campaign, Unlocking Creativity, supported by the Big Give. In a testament to our community's passion for the arts that the campaign raised an impressive total of £4,162.

The Unlocking Creativity campaign aimed to provide vital funding to enable our team to continue important community outreach working with children from HU3 and HU6 to give them free access to drama workshops across the city.

With your generous contributions and the incredible match funding opportunity facilitated by the Big Give, we have come together to champion the importance of accessible and inclusive cultural experiences for young people.

Hull Truck Theatre has long been a cornerstone of Hull's cultural identity and the success of Unlocking Creativity is a testament to our audience. Your incredible generosity to champion the significance of early exposure to creative skills will benefit our local community for years to come.

Thank you for spreading the word, donating, and rallying behind us to make a lasting change to Hull by empowering the next generation. Your support is essential to our missions, and none of what we do here would be possible without your dedication.

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