Hull Truck Theatre launch new inclusive casting policy

Hull Truck Theatre launch new inclusive casting policy

Hull Truck Theatre have launched a new inclusive casting policy as part of their ambitious equality and diversity strategy. The new policy demonstrates a commitment to introducing a range of creative voices and talent to the stage and is essential to fulfilling the company’s wider aim of increasing audience, participant and workforce diversity across the organisation.

The casting policy has been designed to ensure that the company casts the best actors for the roles available across a myriad of cultural groups and ethnicities. Actors will be seriously considered for any role - and not solely confined to those written with their own personal characteristics in mind. Artists will be auditioned for every role in order to more accurately reflect the diversity of a modern Britain.

Hull Truck Theatre will ensure that each season of home-produced work will have an equal split of gender balance across creative teams, including directors, writers and designers. They will also seek to increase the number of opportunities for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and disabled actors by aiming for 50% of all auditionees for their productions to be BAME or disabled actors. Furthermore, the new casting policy will apply to co-production partnerships with other theatres and companies.

In addition to productions, Hull Truck Theatre will deliver several research and development weeks, play readings and its annual GROW festival (Artist Development Programme) which is open to artists of any age, at any stage in their career.

Mark Babych, Artistic Director of Hull Truck Theatre, said:

The new inclusive casting policy will open up a whole new world of creative possibilities and will reflect where we are as both an industry and society. It is part of the process of challenging ourselves to break a cycle of methodology that has so far been accepted as the status quo. For all of us at Hull Truck Theatre it is a true source of excitement, as working with a broad range of actors will provide us with an infinite array of perspectives on the world surrounding us.