Hull Truck Theatre formally recognised as a Breastfeeding Friendly organisation

We are proud to announce that Hull Truck Theatre has been formally recognised as a Breastfeeding Friendly organisation.

Hull Truck Theatre has been recognised by the Breastfeeding Friendly Award Scheme for its facilities and support available to breastfeeding mums. Women can also choose to breastfeed, bottle feed or express on our premises, and our staff have been trained to offer parents any support they may need. Water is available upon request, and our building offers female and male changing facilities, buggy storage, high chairs and facilities for bottle feeding.

Hull Truck Theatre acknowledges and supports the rights of women to breastfeed their children in all public areas of the premises, so mums can feed their babies in a friendly and supportive environment. If the mother is happy to feed her baby in a public area, then she will be made to feel comfortable while doing so. If a mother requests to feed her baby in private, our staff should advise her of the facilities available (a quieter area in the upstairs foyer space). 

Beginning on Saturday 6August, we will be launching an Infant Feeding Morning, supported by City Health Partnership and NHS iBreastfeed, running from 10am till 12pm and taking place on the first Saturday of every month. This is a free, monthly drop-in session for parents-to-be and new parents to meet up with other families. Breastfeeding support staff from the Goodwin Volunteer Doula and Breastfeeding Peer Support Project will be present at every event to offer advice and tips on infant and complementary feeding, as well as advice on the early stages of parenthood.

Our next Infant Feeding Mornings will take place on:

Saturday 3 September
Saturday 8 October
Saturday 5 November
Saturday 3 December