Food for thought in the Hull Truck Theatre Studio this month

Food for thought in the Hull Truck Theatre Studio this month

The world is becoming more and more confusing every day. In these times of uncertainty, where everything that was once familiar seems to change faster than the speed of light, artists are searching for answers.

On Friday 24, we start Walking Towards Ithaca with Yorkshire-based artist and researcher Campbell Edinborough, who takes us on a 200-mile journey across Britain at a time of deep political conflict. Blurring the boundaries between documentary, autobiography and myth, Walking Towards Ithaca is a show that reflects on the complexities of human connection and belonging in a world of anger and alienation.

We then go back in time to watch 1975, a sharing of homegrown director Madeleine O’Reilly’s new project. Set in 1975 around a community as they head towards the referendum, the show asks how do we vote and what can we learn from the past? What are the similarities and parallels between 1975 and 2016 and are we affected by the same issues? Created through focus groups from four cities with the generation who voted twice, this new theatre piece explores shared pasts, different viewpoints and future possibilities.

The following week, on Wednesday 29 May, the hot topic of nationality is explored and deconstructed by Chris Thorpe in Status. The play examines what happens when you run away from the national story you’re given, who is responsible for that story and what might happen to it if you give it up. This thought-provoking piece has received ★★★★ reviews from The Guardian and The Stage and has been described as "…a searching, meticulously crafted, beautifully written piece, full of fragile conclusions about nationhood and privilege." (The Stage)

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