Explore Abigail’s Party digital content in Hull Truck’s Foyer

Explore Abigail’s Party digital content in Hull Truck’s Foyer

If you have your tickets for Abigail’s Party and want to find out more about the design, concepts and influences about the production, we're offering you the unique opportunity to do so by using the camera on your smartphone to scan special QR codes that link to all kinds of exciting content.

In our foyer exhibition designed by Emma Williams, the Set and Costume Designer for Abigail’s Party, there will be QR codes which will link you to various videos, weblinks and articles with extra content for you to explore. Look out for the QR images within the exhibition – they’ll be stuck on the records placed around the foyer.

Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t the most tech savvy or don’t have a smartphone to access the content yourself - our Front of House team will be on hand to help and can also provide iPads for you to enjoy the digital content within the exhibition.

QR, which stands for Quick Response. It works like a barcode and provides a unique link which can be read by smart phones and tablets.

To scan the codes on an iPhone, simply open the camera on your phone and point it at the QR code. Your phone will automatically scan it and lead you to a link on the internet. 

Android users can download the QR Reader App here

The exhibition will open on Tuesday 2nd October alongside the Press and Guest performance and will remain until the play closes on Saturday 20th October.

Example QR code: