Croc in the city

Croc in the city

Amongst the characters in Peter Pan, the crocodile is one of the most famous.

A croc of monstrous proportions and one of the most feared creatures living in Neverland, the crocodile has eaten the villainous Captain Hook’s hand and now hopes to devour the rest of him. Fortunately for Hook, the croc has also swallowed a clock, which ticks loudly as a warning when it approaches.

Hook’s biggest fear is that one day, the clock will run down and his time will run out…

Here at Hull Truck Theatre, our brave Stage Management team have managed to tame the crocodile, and affectionately call her Miranda! However, in between starring in Peter Pan, Miranda has been sneaking out of the theatre to take in the Christmas atmosphere in Hull and make some new friends. She might be out there now.

If you see Miranda, please take a picture and post it on social media to let us know where she is. You just need to tag @hulltruck #PeterPanHTT and say where you’ve spotted her. She’s recognisable by her long green tail.