Chiedu Oraka to perform new spoken word piece celebrating UK premiere of The Suitcase

Chiedu Oraka to perform new spoken word piece celebrating UK premiere of The Suitcase

Hull-based grime artist Chiedu Oraka has written a new spoken word piece to celebrate the upcoming tour of The Suitcase by the Market Theatre Johannesburg, which has its UK premiere here at Hull Truck Theatre this September.

He will perform the new piece live as part of the annual Freedom Festival on Saturday 2 September. It will also be printed in the show programme for audiences to read before watching The Suitcase.

Chiedu’s spoken word piece is about his experience as a black Yorkshireman. The themes of alienation and identity in The Suitcase resonated with him; his piece is about trying to belong in places where he didn’t feel accepted, so instead he would find his own way to fit in. He also touches on the ideas of prejudice and perception, and how he has worked hard to overcome his inner demons. Chiedu’s piece says that you can either let animosity get you down or you can rise above it.

Writing a piece for a great production like The Suitcase is a huge honour. It’s given me the opportunity to talk about things I have never really opened up about. People see me and think that because I am confident and quite out-spoken that I have never had times in my life where I questioned my own existence. Being able to share parts of my story is a great feeling because it gives a contemporary angle on how a lot of my ancestors must have felt growing up in places where they were seen as not being the norm. Playing Freedom Festival will be so brilliant, I played it a few years back and the atmosphere was great then. So many people turned up to watch me so bring on this year, I’m buzzing for it.

Chiedu Oraka