Hull Truck Theatre stands in solidarity and support of people all around the world fighting against the injustices, discrimination and brutality of racism in all its forms. Racism has no place in our world - we unequivocally condemn it and we renew our commitment to eliminating it not just through our words, but through our actions and our deeds - #Blacklivesmatter.

As a cultural organisation over the years we have taken steps towards becoming a more welcoming, safer and inclusive space for all to enjoy, but the truth remains that these steps do not go far enough. We need to address the many imbalances in our industry and society that systematically uphold privilege and deny Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people the same opportunities, platforms and voice as those of us who have benefitted from our paths in life.

As an organisation we have been too slow to respond to recent events and react to the calls to action and for this we are sorry. Silence is not acceptable, neutrality not on option, and we renew our pledge to re-examine our own practises, whilst working with others to achieve the dismantling of systematic and structural racism and discrimination in all its forms.

Right now, there is a great deal of pain and the path we are on will necessarily be uncomfortable and difficult at times and we acknowledge and accept that this is a necessary part of the journey towards healing and righting the wrongs of the past. We realise we will be held accountable for any empty words and intend to build on this statement by working with others to collectively bring about real and lasting change though further development of our clear, robust and transparent action plan.

There are many challenges that face our sector and our society, but this is also an opportunity and challenge to change for the better. For the people of Hull and the many creative communities we will work with in the future, this is a time of opportunity and change. We have a new determination to bring about real structural change in the ways we work and the values that will shape the Hull Truck of tomorrow. When our doors are open once again, Hull Truck will welcome audiences and its creative communities to join us on the next stages of transformation and change.

The way forward won’t be easy, but we move forward with an open honesty and commitment to change and invite you to join us in this important part of our collective history.