What Not To Do

What Not To Do

By Hull Truck Young Creators

Laura’s lost her temper in Sainsbury’s, Genevieve’s discovered online fan fiction and Nans been radicalised by Facebook.

Step into the world of Hull Truck Theatre’s Young Creators, a fun and thought-provoking piece of sketch-theatre that answers life’s most important question; what not to do.

“It’s going to blow your mind. You may want to sit down… or stand up. Whichever you’re not currently doing.”

About the project:

What Not To Do is a piece of devised sketch theatre created by our new free 14 to 18 year old Young Creators group where participants collaborate with the Hull Truck Theatre team to produce original theatre from scratch. The aim of the play was create something that wasn’t about Lockdown or the Pandemic but fully represented the views, experiences and lives of the young people. Each scene came about from different activities or conversations with the participants including several conversations about “‘Pet Peeves / things that annoy you.”

The play was filmed over three sessions with the young people also taking the role of camera crew so as well as learning about performing, writing and directing, the group have also developed their technical know-how.

Watch the filmed performance here:

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