The Black Cat Cafe

The Black Cat Café

Black Cat Café warmly welcomes you through its doors. Watch Ian who believes he can fly. Rupert, a novelist who writes about extra-terrestrial life from direct communication with aliens. Denise, a superstitious waitress who sees the future in tea leaves and Liz who doesn't believe in unrequited love.

Join us for three days in the life of this eclectic conference café: The Black Cat Café.

The Process

Black Cat Café was devised, created, and performed by Act III, Hull Truck Theatre’s theatre-making group for retired adults, working with playwright Kerrie L Marsh. The group responded to the stimulus of ‘Belief’ and took part in discussions, writing workshops and improvisations to create the play. The group created wonderful characters and storylines, and started to build a new world in which all this wonder could come together. They wrote and devised either as individuals, in pairs or in small groups, all developed with collective feedback and direction to complete the finished product.

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