One Way
One-Way System
We have placed signage around the building to help you navigate the space and there are one-way and queuing systems in place to help avoid a build-up of people in “busy” areas. Please follow the signage and instructions given by theatre staff.

Please look out for other signage throughout the building that will help you reach your final destination in the easiest and safest way.
Enhanced Cleaning
The theatre continues to be professionally cleaned on a very regular basis and all areas of the building are receiving additional cleaning. Contact surfaces such as door handles, toilets, tables and chairs are cleaned thoroughly throughout the day using antiviral clean-ing products.
Hand Sanitation Stations
We have installed hand sanitation stations around the building. Please use them as well as washing your hands thoroughly and regularly. Keeping your hands clean and avoid-ing touching your face (particularly mouth, nose and eyes) are two of the best defences against Covid 19.
Air Ventilation
Increased Air Ventilation
The theatres ventilation system has been serviced by an engineer, replacing the filters and ensuring it can operate to its maximum capacity. It will run consistently whilst the building is in use. The ventilation system works by continually drawing fresh air in, through the building and immediately expelling the air. This will result in no re-circulation of air throughout the building and theatre space. As this system will be running at full power whilst the building is in use, it may feel slightly colder when you are visiting. We would therefore recommend dressing appropriately for slightly colder temperatures.
Socially Distanced Seating (Selected Performances)
Where possible throughout the season we have continued to schedule socially distanced performances, where individuals or household groups will be seated 1m+ apart. We hope that this will mean that more vulnerable or anxious audiences feel confident to attend a live performance.
If you are attending one of these performances, we strongly recommend that you wear a face covering, unless you have an exemption, out of respect for fellow audience members.
Square Sis
See it Safely
We are proud to be See It Safely approved by Society Of London Theatre & UK Theatre and have the Good To Go accreditation, so you can feel confident and safe knowing that we are COVID-secure and following the latest Government and performing arts guide-lines.

We hope these safety measures give you the confidence and reassurance to visit us again soon to enjoy some unmissable live theatre.

If you have any questions please refer to our online FAQs by CLICKING HERE. For any further questions please contact the Box Office.

Whilst every effort is being made to protect the safety and well-being of our audiences, we ask that all visitors thoroughly familiarise themselves with any new rules and personal responsibilities before a visit. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

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