The Money

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When purchasing tickets for The Money, please ensure you select the appropriate type of ticket. You can be a PLAYER, SILENT WITNESS or VOYEUR. 

A cross between a game and a theatrical performance, The Money plays out in Hull’s historic centre of power, the Guildhall. Choose to be a Player, Silent Witness, or a Voyeur.  

The playful premise of Kaleider’s renowned work sets the stage for one of the most memorable conversations you’ll ever have or witness, as altruism butts heads with personal interests, personalities clash and hierarchies are upended. 

Become a Player by donating as much as you can. Work with other Players to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have one hour to come to a decision. If you don’t decide unanimously in the allotted time, you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and the money rolls over to the next group of Players.
As a Player your ticket price will be a donation towards the money in the pot. Your minimum donation is £10 but you can donate as much as you like up to a maximum of £100.

Silent Witness
If you purchase a ticket to be a Silent Witness you will watch the debate unfold about how the Players will decide to spend the money. You will have the option to join the debate and become a Player by 'buying-in', as the event unfolds, with a minimum buy-in of £10. This buy-in would be put up in cash during the debate and is in addition to the price of your Silent Witness ticket.

Voyeurs watch but have no way to influence the conversation.
If you purchase a ticket to be a Voyeur you will watch the debate unfold. You cannot choose to become a Player during the debate and have no way to influence the conversation.


“This deceptively simple piece is definitely on The Money. It turns conversation into urgent, playful theatre.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian. 

The afternoon performance at 2.30pm on Sat 30 Mar will be accompanied by STTR (Speech to Text Reporter). 

Please note that Latecomers will not be permitted in to the event.