Keisha Thompson

Man on the Moon

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A journey through space and time, fuelled by love, fear and Afrofuturism.

In this award-winning solo performance, directed by Benji Reid, Keisha communicates with her reclusive dad through books, letters and symbols. But when the letters stop coming she is forced to venture into his world. This truth-infused narrative follows a trail of breadcrumbs that includes cultural displacement, religious confusions, political paranoia, misplaced masculinity and more.

With the use of poetry, looped sounds and storytelling, this piece explores the impact that mental health can have on the family dynamic, particularly within the context of the Black British experience.

 “A poetic and eloquent piece of storytelling.” - The Stage

Co-commissioned by STUN and Contact.

Supported with a Project Grant from the Arts Council.

Presented in partnership with Slate - an Eclipse movement.

This performance will be followed by a Q&A with the artists.