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Les Miserables: School Edition

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In 19th century France, Jean Valjean is released from years of unjust imprisonment, but finds nothing in store for him but mistrust and mistreatment. He breaks his parole in hopes of starting a new life, initiating a life-long struggle for redemption as he is relentlessly pursued by police inspector Javert, who refuses to believe Valjean can change his ways. Finally, during the Paris student uprising of 1832, Javert must confront his ideals after Valjean spares his life and saves that of the student revolutionary who has captured the heart of Valjean's adopted daughter.

Park Street Performing Arts Centre are delighted to be presenting the school edition* of the world’s most popular musical. This version is only 10 minutes shorter than the production that has been seen in more than 42 countries across the world. The show, which has been translated into 21 languages, is the longest running musical in the West End and the third longest running musical on Broadway. Featuring classics like Bring Him Home, I Dreamed a Dream, On My Own, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, One Day More and of course Master of the House, this production is sure to be a sell out so book early.

*School Edition performed by Park Street’s Open Musical Theatre Students up to the age 20.