Hull Independent Cinema presents



Hull Independent Cinema presents

Yorkshire Silents: Blackmail (PG)

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Dir: Alfred Hitchcock | 1929 | UK | Cert PG | 85 mins

Silent / English language inter titles

After killing a man in self-defense, a young woman is blackmailed by a witness to the event.

Alfred Hitchcock’s sinister, suspenseful tale of crime and romance is one of the last British silent films to be made. Through its mixture of location filming and cast of believable working-class characters, Blackmail is a rich evocation of London life in the late 1920s with scenes in the London Underground, Whitehall, the Lyon’s Tea House at Piccadilly Circus, and a climactic chase in and atop the British Museum.

Live improvised score by Jonny Best (piano) and James Hedgecock (percussion).

PLEASE NOTE: This film will play without any adverts or trailers, preceded by a short introduction from Yorkshire Silents.

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