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El Angel (18)

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Hull Independent Cinema’s season of audience favourites from Leeds International Film Festival continues with more unique films that have never been released in the UK.

Dir: Luis Ortega | 2018 | Argentina/Spain | No cert 18+ | 115 mins

Spanish with English subtitles

Co-produced by Pedro Almodóvar, this stylish crime caper is based on the early years of Argentina’s most infamous serial killer, Carlos Robledo Puch, dubbed by the press as ‘The Angel of Death’ for his angelic good looks.
Lorenzo Ferro gives a hypnotic performance as the teenage sociopath with movie star swagger and a penchant for stealing. After meeting delinquent Ramon, the pair embark on a crime spree propelled by raging hormones and a palpable sexual tension, vividly brought to life by a colourful 1970’s aesthetic and a tongue-in-cheek disco soundtrack.

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Films included in this offer are El Angel (18), The Silver Branch (18) and The Travelling Cat Chronicles (18). 

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‘A nonchalant, sexy "Goodfellas"; a "Bonnie & Clyde" featuring two young men in a love story of sorts, one that defies categorization or labels, and is entirely driven by the taboo thrills of criminality’

Los Angeles Times