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Battleship Potemkin with Live Score (PG)

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Eisenstein’s epic dramatisation of the 1905 mutiny aboard the battleship Potemkin is regularly cited as one of the greatest films of all time. A tense, action-filled drama, this taught, 75-minute film is assembled from more than 13,000 individual shots, exemplifying Eisenstein’s view that editing (or montage) is the fundamental essential of film. The famous Odessa Steps sequence has been hugely influential with directors such as Terry Gilliam, Woody Allen and Brian De Palma all paying homage to it in their films.

Live improvised score by Jonathan Best on piano and guest percussionist. Presented in partnership with Yorkshire Silent Film Festival.

‘Its virtuoso technique remains dazzling’

Philip French, Guardian

‘If you only ever see one silent, this is the one it should be. A masterpiece’