Steelworks Theatre Company

The Fulstow Boys

By Gordon Steel

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When Sky News and the rest of the world's press descended on a small village in Lincolnshire all hell broke loose. Why doesn’t the village have a war memorial? And what are they going to do about it? Determined to right a wrong that has been hanging over Fulstow since the First World War the tenacious Nicola Pike leads the village committee to make a decision that threatens to tear the community apart: but Graham is desperate to cure his constipation; Maurice’s back is playing up; and Moira is furious that someone else has been asked to make the chocolate cake at the forthcoming fete. Set across two time frames, the tale of a village’s monumental decision is both heartbreaking and hilarious.

The premiere of award winning writer Gordon Steel’s powerful, poignant and hilarious play. His other works include Like A Virgin, A Kick in the Baubles, Studs.