Cosmic Collective Theatre present



Cosmic Collective Theatre present

Heaven's Gate

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Four cups of Apple Sauce.

Four canvas camp beds

One Comet.

Heaven’s Gate is closing and the Away Team are ready for Graduation!
But whatever you do, don't say the C-word. (Cult).
Heaven's Gate, imagines the final hour of four members of the real life UFO-theistic group. As they prepare for their "Graduation" to the "Kingdom of Heaven" initially the excitement is palpable, but soon the cracks start to appear. Is Heavenly Father really waiting for them on a Spaceship? Is the Earth actually about to be recycled? Was castration mandatory or not? Is Turkey Potpie an underwhelming last supper?
Whatever you do, do not say the C-word!
Fresh from sell out runs at the Great Yorkshire Fringe and the Drayton Arms Theatre London, Cosmic Collective Theatre invite you to join their Cult and ascend to the next level.

“New kids on the block-brilliantly scripted, slick direction and very funny delivery. If you like your comedy dipping into the darkside, these bunch are for you.” Porl Cooper, Harrogate Theatre.