Dom Coyote & The Bloodmoneys


By Dom Coyote & The Bloodmoneys

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Dom Coyote & The Bloodmoneys

Songs for the End of the World

By Dom Coyote & The Bloodmoneys

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Join musician and theatre maker Dom Coyote as he explores the line between epic theatre and raucous gig with artists from Kneehigh and Little Bulb Theatre.

As New Global Inc. capitalise on the suffering of the vulnerable, the Free Radicals are planning a new type of existence, and while some predict Biblical Armageddon, many are simply preparing for the end. 

When the apocalypse does actually arrive, astronaut Jim Walters is left suspended in orbit on his way to Mars, broadcasting his songs for the end of the world back to a silent Earth, in the hope that someone might listen.

Inspired by Philip K Dick's post-apocalyptic novel Dr. Bloodmoney, Ziggy Stardust, Songs for the End of the World is a show like no other.                   

Dom Coyote is an associate artist of Kneehigh Theatre and his band, the Bloodmoneys, have toured and recorded with artists including Beth Orton, Scissor Sisters, Gary Numan, Goldfrapp, Beth Gibbons, and Tinie Tempah. 

Songs for the End of the World is commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and supported by West Yorkshire Playhouse, Tobacco Factory Theatres and Kneehigh. Developed with support from the National Theatre Studio and Arts Council England.

Part of The Studio Drama Deal

‘... a perfect, otherworldly blend of theatre and concert’

A Younger Theatre

‘An apocalyptic rock’n’roll cabaret’


‘... if it comes down your way, don’t be scared: be brave and enter’

The Daily Telegraph