Hull Truck Youth Theatre


A Hull Truck Youth Theatre 14 – 16’s Double Bill


Hull Truck Youth Theatre

It Snows & The Willow Pattern

A Hull Truck Youth Theatre 14 – 16’s Double Bill

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It Snows by Bryony Lavery
Directed by Tom Bellerby

Same old story. There is a boy, there is a girl. There is a school day to get through and a party to worry about. There’s a gang of girls, a gang of lads and a gang of warring mums and dads. The same old boring stuff. Then one day … it snows … and it’s not so boring any more.

The Willow Pattern by Judith Johnson
Directed by Finlay McGuigan

‘Love, and a cough cannot be hid’.

The Mandarin’s daughter is arranged to marry the noble warrior. Instead the daughter is in love with the Mandarin’s secretary.

On the eve of the wedding the lovers elope.

In this classic tale of innocent and forbidden love, temper rises and reason drops. For when someone is consumed by rage they are seldom at ease.