Single Story Theatre presents



Single Story Theatre presents

Delicate Flowers

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“I think all this talk about girls not boxing is old fashioned, girls aren’t the delicate flowers they used to be.” Barbara Buttrick.

Everybody needs a hero, right?

Karen’s a young boxer desperate to use her skills to combat her struggles in balancing home life with her ambitions. Inspired by the story of iconic Hessle boxer and wrestler Barbara Buttrick, she’s got a voice on the male-dominated world of sports, and she wants you to hear it.

This mesmerizing one-woman play tells the story of a world champion whose tenacity and skill took her to the top of her profession, and one who’s aiming to get there.

Ages: 12+


Mon 18 Feb, Derringham Bank Methodist Church
Venue is wheelchair accessible. Free on street parking is available in the surrounding areas.

Wed 20 Feb, William Gemmell Social Club
Venue is wheelchair accessible via the rear of the building. On street parking is available but time restrictions apply during certain times of the day.

Thu 21 Feb, Willows Social Club
Venue is wheelchair accessible. Free on site parking is available.