Here's to the Future 50

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What's the NEXT stand out Hull Truck Theatre play?  YOU could be part of making it possible…

For the last 50 years, Hull Truck Theatre has been a creative laboratory – a place of experimentation that’s closely rooted in our city.  Plays like Dancing Through the Shadows, The Gaul, Mighty Atoms and The Last Testament of Lilian Bilocca have captured Hull’s special sense of place, inspiring us with moving and powerful stories from our history.

But what’s around the corner? We’re thinking about the next generation of great Hull Truck Theatre plays and how they might reflect the world we’re living in, creating the joyful, great nights out of the future with the magic ingredients we know you’ve enjoyed.

We’ll bring together a group of promising writers to explore the distinctive style and content of our work – those popular stories that have appealed to so many people. With an awareness of what makes a Hull Truck Theatre play special, the writers will work alongside different people to uncover new stories of contemporary Hull, its people, their singular outlook and humour, their sense of pride in the city. There will be an opportunity to develop a “treatment” for a new play - which could be a formative career step for the writer and an innovative new direction for the theatre.   

Of course, a play only comes truly to life with an audience, so we want to make the process interactive through conversations, sharing and taster events to road-test ideas and give people a chance to offer valuable insight and feedback.    If you care about bringing new work to the stage in the unique Hull Truck Theatre style you’ve enjoyed so much, you want to nurture the next generation of writing talent, and you’d be inspired by getting closer to the process, then every gift to our 50th anniversary fund will make a difference.    

Thank you as ever for all your generosity and support – we wouldn’t be here without you.    

Here's To The Future 50

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