Secret Agent Academy

Secret Agent Academy

To celebrate #InspiringFutureTheatre day, a team of secret agents from Hull Truck Theatre were deployed to safely diffuse a situation arising at Bridgeview Special School – leading to a dramatic climax of the Secret Agent Academy project.

The specially developed project, delivered by members of Hull Truck Theatre’s Creative Learning Team, aims to improve whole school numeracy through drama by placing the pupils in roles as trainee Secret Agents. Putting children in a role like this can help to increase focus and engagement with the subject matter. It’s particularly useful when tackling topics that are a bit harder to portray using conventional teaching methods. Whilst exploring the story, they immerse themselves in the action, solving problems along the way in order to crack the code and progress as they eagerly await what happens next.

Each week the group have been given a new task to complete and their success moves the story forward. The students have been working to defeat “The Storm” – the arch-nemesis of the Secret Agent Academy – an evil organisation bent on world domination. In previous weeks the SAA have; saved a kidnapped agent, found a listening device in the classroom and found toxic waste on site.

As part of the final session at Bridgeview earlier today, we arranged a rather explosive finale. Using their numeracy skills to discover a suspicious object left in the school, the young agents assisted us in disposing of The Storm’s incendiary device, leading to a very exciting controlled explosion.

Special thanks to our Hull Truck Theatre agents in the field for recruiting the specialist team and defeat The Storm. Finally, thank you to the incredible students and staff for participating at Bridgeview Special School, part of the Venn Academy Trust. This project was funded through IVE’s leadership development programme; Cultural Leaders in Education.

We had an absolute blast working with the children and staff at Bridgeview School. There are lots of ways children, young people and schools can work with us to learn about theatre but we’re also really keen to develop more work like this - using drama as the incredible teaching tool that it is to demonstrate the purpose of maths. We all know that children have an amazing capacity for imagination and harnessing this for their learning is a joy."

Tom Saunders, Associate Director (Creative Learning)

We have been working with the Creative Learning team on a specially designed project called Secret Agent Academy. Using drama and story the team have done a fantastic job in engaging and motivating hard to reach children in maths reasoning tasks developing skills and confidence. Our pupils love Secret Agent Academy and look forward to it each week (and so do the staff!)"

Gerald Fox, Classroom Teacher from Venn Academy Trust



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