Pop Music will be Hull Truck Theatre's first production to follow the ‘Theatre Green Book’

13 Sep 2023 | Press Release

Pop Music will follow the base line standard, which includes reducing waste and being mindful of what materials are used in the build and design process. Everyone involved in the production, from set designers, costume designers, lighting and sound designers, and directors and producers will create and design with the environment in mind. Following the Theatre Green Book guidance, the theatre will make sure that at least 50% of all materials come from reused or recycled sources, 65% of them go on to future lives, through storage or re-use and avoid harmful and unsustainable materials. Part of this commitment will also be to run technical systems in a sustainable way and reduce journeys and deliveries by building the set and making costumes in the theatre, instead of being made elsewhere.

Sarah Barton, Head of Production & Technical at Hull Truck Theatre said:

“We are excited to get on board with meeting the standards of the ‘Theatre Green Book’ as it goes hand in hand with the work that we are all doing together as a theatre to fight Climate Change. Pop Music is particularly challenging as being set at a wedding, we have had to look more closely into what choices we might make, from not using balloons, to researching biodegradable confetti. This commitment will not only help us to be mindful of what materials we use at the theatre in the future, but within our personal lives too.

“As an organisation, we are committed to meeting the standards for making productions with less waste transmissions, for making our building more sustainable and for improving sustainability in other operations like catering and front of house.”

Other standards and targets as part of Hull Truck Theatre’s commitments will include changes, such as sourcing materials locally and working with suppliers who also go by the Theatre Green Book mandate, reusing stock rather than buying from new, and researching and resourcing costume materials ethically. Small changes will also have a large impact, such as reducing energy by switching off lights in between the use of spaces, not only at the end of the day.

Tickets for Pop Music are now on-sale and also available to buy as part of the Autumn/ Winter Drama Deal, which can save audience members up to £30 per person. Recommended age guidance is 14+, and group booking discounts are available for parties of 6+. For more information, please visit: www.hulltruck.co.uk



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